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(listed in alphabetical order)


Alice S.

“I have been volunteering at the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program since 2001. The people here are terrific and the services provided are wonderful.”

Survivor Since: 1998
Volunteer Since: 2001

Barbara B.

Barbara B.

“The best part of the hotline is my contact with other women who often feel better after speaking
to someone with a similar experience.”

Survivor Since: 1997 & 2010
Volunteer Since: 1998


Chris A.

“I have been a hotline volunteer with the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program since 2009. I love helping other women.”

Survivor Since: 2007
Volunteer Since: 2009

Deborah H.

“The Adelphi Breast Cancer program is a place of community, offering support and resources to anyone needing information on breast health. Its outreach events and hotline provide places where survivors can share their stories and encourage others.

My hope in telling my story is that those facing a cancer diagnosis will be empowered to believe they can face and navigate their own challenges. Knowing we are not alone in the journey gives strength and courage to move forward.”
Survivor Since: 2014
Volunteer Since: 2018


Diane K.

“I have worked in the health field all my professional life and know the importance of good support and accurate information. I believe strongly in the work done here.”

Volunteer Since: 2007

jeannie R.

Jeannie R.

“Being passionate about what I do, especially helping others in dealing with breast cancer, makes me feel that I have made a difference in a person’s life. It’s very important for all men and women to know that my having been a survivor for 27 years speaks volumes about the wonderful strides that we have made in dealing with breast cancer. Volunteering for me is so important, because we, as survivors, will continue to thrive and help others in need.”

Survivor Since: 1986
Volunteer Since: 1992

Jeff F.

“I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Male Breast Cancer in 2012, then upgraded to Stage 4 Metastatic in 2015. Volunteering at Adelphi is my way of assisting males who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as getting the word out that “Men Can Get Breast Cancer Too”. 

My advice to all males is to check your breasts for lumps or abnormalities on a regular basis as doctors typically don’t check males for breast cancer. The Adelphi Breast Cancer Support Hotline is a wealth of information for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer.”
Survivor Since: 2012
Volunteer Since: 2015

Katie K.

“I became involved with the Adelphi Breast Cancer Support Program after attending a craft workshop sponsored by its members. I immediately felt the warmth and camaraderie of all its participants. I quickly learned that the program is blessed with caring and selfless individuals who strive to create, develop, and maintain a safe and comfortable space for those faced in any capacity with breast cancer. Continue to have your yearly screenings, continue to reach out when you need help, continue to stay inspired, motivated, and strong!”

Survivor Since: 2017

Kimberly K.

“I was diagnosed at the age of 30 with highly aggressive stage 2 breast cancer, I underwent intense chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy and radiation. The future was so uncertain not knowing if I would ever have children or what life would be like going forward outside of breast cancer. That’s why I feel it’s so important to have an outlet for young women to speak to someone who has actually been through it all and can fully understand what they are going through. After almost 10 years in remission I choose to share my story and help women in the fight of their lives through this amazing hotline because I wish I had this opportunity brought to me when I was in the worst fight of my life.”

Survivor Since: 2012
Volunteer Since: 2020


Marcie R.

“I originally joined the program to ‘give back’ after my successful treatment for breast cancer. What I quickly learned was that I gained much more than I gave. Speaking with newly diagnosed women and providing an ear as well as helpful information was rewarding and fulfilling; but, the unexpected reward was getting to know other volunteers. What a wonderful, inspiring group!”

Survivor Since: 2008
Volunteer Since:

Vilda P.

“I was diagnosed with HER2 cancer; I did not know what to do or what would happen. Amid the anguish, pain, loneliness and confusion came an unexpected call from the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program. From that moment on, I have had emotional support, personal attention, accompaniment, and financial support. Thank you Adelphi Breast Cancer Program.”


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